Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Create High Income Websites

When I showed how much an online business can earn per 100 visitors per month, most of you realized that your income is not at the similar levels as my best earning sites.

Inevitably, the question comes to mind: How do I create higher earning websites?
The easiest method of determining whether a site will be a high earning or a low earning one is to check the Adwords CPC numbers which tell you how much advertisers are willing to pay for a click. (I use Exact match in the examples below.)
Here are two examples…

1. The #4 site in the article mentioned above is earning $152 per 100 daily visitors per month. The Adwords CPC (cost per click) looks something like this:

Low paying Adsense niche

I actually checked the numbers before going after this niche and knew that the payout will not be that great.

So why did I start the site anyway? Because the demand and supply numbers for many keywords were very good and I knew I could create a high traffic site (over 1000 daily visitors) in the long term.

And once you have lots of traffic, you have many options to find good monetization mix.

Also, I tested Adsense on that site and the average payout was less than 10 cents per click which is what you can expect based on my comparison between Adsense Search and content Adsense clicks.

I found that Chitika pays much better in that niche compared to Adsense so I removed it and now use mostly Chitika (and a few affiliate links) to monetize that site.

2. The #2 site (mentioned in the previous article) earns $457 per 100 daily visitors per month. Here’s how the Adsense CPC looks for that niche:

High paying Adsense niche

You can see that there is a very good corelation between the Adsense CPC numbers in Adwords and the actual income per site.

The CPC of the first site (#4) averages at around $1 and the CPC of the second site (#2) averages at around $3.50 – which is about 3 to 4 times more.

The actual income of site #2 is also about 3 times more than site #4: $457 is almost exactly 3 times $152.

How to Find High Paying Niches

I personally don’t have a system in place. I might check out for various products and test their CPC in the Adwords keyword tool or I might simply keep an open mind when I go about my usual life.

If I am in a shopping mall and I see something interesting, I remember that and then test the idea later at home in Adwords.

I might browse the Web, read about an interesting topic, service, future development and test that in Adwords.

There are also some sites that sell high paying Adsense keywords but I haven’t checked those in years – so I cannot recommend any.

Do a Google search on that term and use your own judgment whether you want to pay for those or whether you can find some free info on such topics.

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